Monday, June 19, 2006

Love is holding my silky bantam

Master 5 assures me that we will defunitly(written for ease of pronunciation!) be keeping HIS silky bantam hen"you know the one that's the brown little rooster"!Now if I could only find someone to take the other 6 we'd be happy!! And what a pitty it is that bantams have blue skins...and before you ask I am definitely not skinning the said number! Which leaves it to oldest son to find homes for them or when dh returns from Timbercreek.....!!

Master 5 performed his beginner bow at the Elder hall concert with aplomb. He loves learning the violin and tells me ahead of time that I needn't bother listening as he's already done a good practice!"Mum you realise this means I am a gardener-artist-violin player"Earlier in the day"mum do you think Aunty Anna is the bestest mum?"Me(with a gulp)"Yes I suppose so"L"Well, you're the bestest of the bestest mums" didn't I say that boy was gifted!!

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