Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some bug!

dd shaped and decorated this amazing cake for youngest brother's 10th birthday.

It took her all of Sunday afternoon.

We think its the best cake she's ever done!

Ds was so amazed and astonished, that he was rendered speechless for several seconds!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seen around the house

Just some pictures taken around the house, not much more to add really, they speak for themselves

District Cub Hike

The day dawned grey and steadily grew greyer!
Akela showed the cubs the route our walk would take.

We noted how green everything was.

Oh dear just a little water ahead!
One of the very few bridges across the creek, mostly we had stepping stones of sorts.
Up hill and starting to rain.

Muddy paths to slip  stroll along
The cub salute
We ate our lunch in the rain....and cold!
An enjoyable if "damp" way to spend a Sunday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 I praise Thee Father that thou did hide these things from the wise and prudent, and did reveal them to little ones: Matthew 11:25

Today the boys and I read about Saint Felix of Cantalice. Also known as
Ass of the Capuchins (his own nickname for himself) and Brother Deo Gratias ("Deo Gratias" was his habitual greeting). We read about his great love for the Blessed Virgin, his devotion to the rosary and how much he loved the holy name of Jesus.
His word to his companions were: Let us go my brother with rosary in hand, our eyes to the ground and our spirit in heaven.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone came to our house!

 Look what we "found" out in the yard, perched on a wire just above the washing line. Not an every day sight for us and so dispite the cold the boys kept it company for quite a few minutes!
 At first we were creeping about really quietly,unsure if it would fly away at the sound of our excited voices.
But we soon realised it wasn't interested in us at all but on the lookout for small furry beasties that hide in the potager. I am more than happy for our visitor to collect its dinner in our yard. The boys watched as I said and then were momentarily distracted and when they turned back our guest had gone;silently just as it had arrived without even an introduction. The boys think it may have been an immature barking owl.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The big night!!

Someone getting ready for an event they have been waiting for practically all of last term!

Saying the promise and the law

Receiving his "neckie'
the packs usual way of applauding

with some friendly assistance ds replied in kind
home with a good supply of damper on a stick for supper
A special salute just for you! Meet the newest member of his cub scout pack

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Science Mystery to solve

We have been using  a science activity that we discovered on a wonderful blog. The series is set inside a mystery

" Our mystery begins with a wealthy man, Mr. Busy Body, who has planned a small dinner party, but when the guests arrive both the host and one of his prized possessions, a valuable painting, are missing, and a ransom note was found, asking for a handsome sum for the return of Mr. Body and his painting. You have been asked to help out in the investigation of this case by analyzing the scientific evidence. You are given a folder from the police and it includes a statement from the officers who responded to the initial call, and statements from each of the suspects who were found at Mr. Busy Body's residence."    


If you like playing "cluedo", solving mysteries etc you are going to love this series. I highly recommend it. Here are some photos of parts of our weeks lessons.
 I should add that I love this homeschool blog so much I have added a link to my side-bar. Scroll over and check it out. This family do some really exciting stuff. My kids would happily go to their homeschool; even if it would mean moving to another country.

I am really enjoying their posts on history but also intend to delve more closely into the science section; particularly as we are studying chemistry in our co-op at present.

Then there's the maths section and arts and lanuage arts etc etc  and some links to other blogs and sites with good ideas.

Thank you family at All things Beautiful you are a beautifully inspiring homeschool!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Morning reading

I have been reading "the Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh as my morning reading recently. I hesitate to use the word devotional reading because I think it is a book that many people could read who might not categorise anything they read under that heading. I can't remember where I first heard of the title either, though I'm fairly sure it would be on a blog somewhere in blogworld.
Here is a quote where the author talks of our need for "the stilling of the soul within the activities of the mind and body so that it might be still as the axis of a revolving wheel is still'

Another quote"One learns to accept the fact that no permanent return is possible to an old form of relationship; and, more deeply still, that there is no holding of a relationship to a single form. This is not tragedy but part of the ever-recurrent miracle of life and growth. All living relationships are in process of change, of expansion, and must perpetually be building themselves new forms. But there is no single fixed form to express such a changing relationship. There are perhaps different forms for each sucessive stasge....Duration is not a test of true or false. The day of the dragon-fly or the night of the Saturnid moth is not invalid simply because that phase in its lifecycle is brief. Validity need have no relation to time, to duration, to continuity. It is on another plane, judged by other standards. It relates to the actual moment in time and place."and what is actual is actual only for one time and only for one place."

I hope you will be encouraged to seek out this small treasure of simplicity and read it.

As a postscript the images are ones I took during the weekend of our seasonal changes

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Medieval Fair

We are finishing up our study of the middle ages. It has once again taken two years to move through this time period! Last time I studied the middle ages with our older children it was the cause in part for us coming into the Catholic church...all those saints! This time nothing so dramatic just!

Anyway as part of our study we attended our local medieval fair. This is an annual event held in a small country town about an hours drive away.

Until Saturday we had been enjoying for the most part brilliant autumn weather;cool in the early morning and evening and then lovely sunny days. But on Saturday the day started wet and grey!
 Quite good for "imagining" how people did cope in inclement weather in medieval times but for us in the 21st century who had decided not to bring a relatively modern invention(umbrella!) well we also enjoyed more than a few drips!
Still it did not entirely dampen our day and we were able to enjoy watching many dramas reenacted.Many of the "audience" had also come in costume and we walked amongst lordly knights, comic jesters and graceful damsels to name but a few.

This strange photo of Toby shows how often we had to close our eyes to keep at least that part of us dry(!) but it also shows some of the tents different historical societies had put up.
We saw meals being cooked over open fires,weaving ans spinning,calligraphy, archery,mail being soldered and much more.

Not particularly medieval but very cute!

 But what the boys enjoyed the most was the jousting. One of the riders really knew how to involve the crowd. He even got a volunteer to offer to hold the watermelon in the final shot. UUntil it was explained that he might loose the odd hand!