Thursday, January 17, 2008


Positive First Aid for Eating Disorders:


1. It’s OK to talk about feelings
2. It’s OK to talk about eating disorders
3. Eating disorders are not a life-style choice
4. Eating disorders are not strictly about food or weight.
They are about feelings – fear, anxiety, loneliness and low self-esteem
5. Eating disorders can lead to depression and other risk-harming behaviours

Be Compassionate & Sensitive
Listen non-judgmentally. Be accepting and treat
sufferers with respect and dignity.

Be pro-active –get informed and educated
A lack of knowledge leads to a lack of understanding
and empathy.

Focus conversations on emotions not on behaviour,
food or weight. Choosing the right words can be very
hard – it can be helpful to think about what you are
going to say before you talk to the person.

Encourage and assist the seeking of appropriate
professional help. Provide useful information and
available options.
A hug can sometimes say more than words and show
that you care. Ask a sufferer if it’s ok to hug them.
patient and calm
Demonstrating your concern through panic or anger
can exacerbate the illness. Eating disorders develop
over time and take time to heal.
you care
Be genuine:It is important to let the person know you are raising
your concerns because you genuinely care. Tell those
who suffer that they are worthy, lovable, equal and
deserving, even if they don’t believe it.

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