Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quite the quote!

Okay I admit it sounds a bit trite but q isn't the easiest letter to work with .
Still all that aside I am inviting readers of this blog to share from their current readings passages that have impressed them, made a difference to their life or just plain made them laugh.I have another one ready(hint its another children's author[is this genre all I read these days!]and has nothing to do with the plot of the book which is..."Down in the Cellar" by Nicholas Stuart Gray) You can link to a blog posting of your quote on your blog in the comments section if you like or just put your quote in the comments.


mary said...

Count me in. will leave you a comment and a link to my page once I have found that quote that is worthy of a quote.

mary said...

now I've read heaps and heaps of passages that have moved me, inspired me, challenged me and identified with my experiences. Do you think I can find one at the moment or remember one from the past? Blank! I will keep reading and post as soon as possible

mary said...

I have made a post - Horton Hears a Who

Anonymous said...

I have a quote for you from "Ludmilla" by Paul Gallico. Here is my quote:
"For a prayer need not be a rehtorical address, or an itemized petition, or lips moved soundlessly inside a cathedral , or even words spoken into the air.A prayer may be a wordless inner longing, a sudden outpouring of love, a yearning within the soul to be for a moment united with the infinite and the good, an humbleness that needs no abasement or speech to express, a cry in the darkness for help when all seems lost, a song, a poem, a kind deed, a reaching for beauty or the strong, quiet inner raffirmation of faith.
A prayer in fact can be anything that is created of God that turns to God."