Friday, June 06, 2008

Of vegemite and tulips!

Since the day after Mr Eleven's birthday we have had a week of gastro! Both Mr7 and 11 sucumbed, the later getting sick the worst. During the recovery they are fans of vegemite toast and I have become an enthusiastic sprayer of Glen20! Now dd16 and ds18 are showing signs of weakening, looks like I might be lucky last!! Anyway I thought rather than dwell on the negative I would post these beautiful spring pictures from our Capuchin son in Wisconsin where it would appear "spring has sprung"! Apparently Duncan says they are particularly fond of Tulips around Burlington.

The St. Francis Friary and Retreat Center in Burlington was founded in 1929 as a seminary by Polish Franciscans from Pulaski, WI, on a 170 acre farm bordered on two sides by the Fox River. Shrines on the site to Our Lady of Chestochowa and Our Lady of Ostrobama became a major pilgrimage destination especially for Polish-Americans from Chicago and Milwaukee.


Mary said...

So it wasn't the over indulgence of birthday cake after all? Let me know when the coast is clear!

AutumnRose said...

Hi Aliadelaide! It's AutumnRose! Thanks for the links to your blog, I don't know how I've missed you in the blogosphere. Your blog is lovely, and your children are gorgeous. I will add you to my blogroll later :)

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God bless, and see you in the garden! I'm feeling a lot better today :)