Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary !

What do you do when you have two boys with sore scratchy throats and prickly tempers? Throw a birthday party of course. Today is the feast of the birth of Mary. They boys coloured pictures of our lady on clear plastic to put on our schoolroom sliding door. Next they went on a flower search and helped me take photos of our spring garden and picked bunches to go on the altar and around the house. 
They designed a new spring nature table and finally they made
 these cupcakes. 
Of course with scratchy throats they couldn’t eat more than half of one but the message that we celebrate even/especially when we don’t
feel like it(prickly tempers) was worth the expense of the ingredients(they freeze well anyway! And older siblings were generously able to sample more!!

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Mary said...

Hope the boys are feeling better by now. Cakes look yummy (do you still have any left?). If affirmative give a hoi and I'll pop on over for a cuppa. If not, I'll just pop on over anyway.