Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Sunday "snaps"

Our Sunday outing continued with a hunt for something new. We always like to find/see something new if we can; a place a view a memory to return to. And so we embarked on our travels. We spotted some interesting “four-footers in a field. I saw a house I could imagine living in, we spotted some maples in brilliant red and then headed in the direction of our friend’s place to share some apples with them. We decided not to go back on the freeway. As we wound our way along, past valleys of grapevines I spotted a sign that pointed to a picnic area we hadn’t visited before. While dh rested in the car and listened to his favorite classical music, the boys and I went for a walk along part of the Heysen trail. It was amazing that we had never notice this walk before as for some of it we were close by the free-way(we even went under it at another place which the boys thought exciting!!) while the view to the left showed alpacas and beautiful scenery! After thirty minutes we stepped out of the bush walk to see the old mill. What an enjoyable afternoon we had! The only worry on the horizon was the sound of sirens and rescue helicopters hovering overhead…we learnt on our return home that there had been a bushfire in the general area of our excursion.


Jeanne said...

Wow! You certainly live in a beautiful area of the country...far removed from our area of drought stricken Central Victoria.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wrote an answer to your questions in the comments section of the folsongs post. Hope that helps.

Be sure to ask me more if necessary!!


Mary said...

Get yourseldf ready for your next adventure...P.A - here we come!!

Natalie said...

Beautiful scenery. Lovely post.x