Saturday, July 25, 2009

Schoolroom re-vamped

Here is part of our geography centre. I like to set up learning centres. (must be the ex-teacher in me)and this one gets a lot of use. It also doubles as a spot to place art work/displays like these clay representations of the tower of Babel.

This couch is never normally this tidy!! It is where we read many of our readalouds. Plus I decided in a room with many shelves and windows it made sense to use any free wall space “creatively”. Hence the current picture study behind the couch.This picture also demonstrates the mutifunctionality(is that a word!!) of our room. Please note herbs and flowers hanging to dry, and silky bantams cheeping and eating busily in the foreground. We know now ,sadly, that one is a trainee rooster and we will shortly be finding him a new home.This is another reading corner. Mostly where “interest” books are placed. Note the ancient weaponry (Celtic double sided axes) so essential to a good read!

Here is our friend’s Murray river long necked turtle which is on long-term loan. Her name is Gertie and she loves to dance, for her food, or/and just when she feels excited….Actually after a visit to a wildlife centre we're pretty certain “she” is a he.

And finally here is one child’s work area which he shares with our resident rabbit, Pipkin. We like to have lots of candles burning while we school!!
Note: a couple of residents not photographed as the camera was fast running out of battery were our budgies and lovebirds, please mentally add two bird cages near the door!!


Sybille said...

The pictures are very nice, it's amazing how much learning materials there are.

Aliadelaide said...

thank you for your comment Sybille.It is nice to have everything ordered again!

jenmack said...

Wow!! You have awesome learning spaces!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Love all the counters and book spaces!

Anonymous said...

Things are looking great, Alison! Between this and talking to Orma on the phone last night, I'm really missing you all.


Anonymous said...

Also, Nick noted that your blog is really fancy - with music!

Aliadelaide said...

Missing you all too Louise

Sybille said...

Hi, I just want to tell you that I gave you an award on my blog right now!