Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blossom everywhere!

Because I couldn't decide which picture of our crab apple tree to choose I decided to add them all. The tree is probably as old as our house.
Okay history of house: this is an ex-housing trust house,the houses were purchased by the government from Scandinavia soon after WWI to house return servicemen and their families. The houses came in kit form and were packed with a lot of mysterious padding which soon after was disposed of in a huge bon-fire a few suburbs away. Anyway it turns out that the mysterious packing was in fact insulation(which you probably guessed already!). Just think all these timber frame houses might actually have kept warm in winter and cool in summer if "we" hadn't had a big bon-fire.
Back to the tree:since our last couple of summers with severe water restrictions it has looked quite stressed at times and I am wondering if it will last much longer. If anyone would care to leave a comment or suggestion on what can be done to prolong its life,please don't be shy!


Jeanne said...

The blossom on your tree is just beautiful. Our nectarine tree is stressed too - sorry I have no bright ideas in what do do to fix the problem though...sadly.

Aliadelaide said...

thank you for your recent comments Jeanne, I love reading you blog it is so inspiring!