Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Feast of the Holy Rosary

The Battle of Lepanto
It was during the reign of Pius V that the famous battle of Lepanto took place on 7th October 1571.Pius had been deeply worried by the growing power of the Turks, who at that time were threatening all the countries around the Mediterranean. An alliance had been formed between Philip II of Spain and Venice. A fleet was sent out under Don Juan of Austria which attacked the Turkish fleet at Lepanto and won a glorious victory. The Pope had organised a great crusade of prayer; all over the world, the faithful were praying the rosary without ceasing. And pilgrims flocked in great numbers to the shrines of our blessed lady everywhere, begging that the catholic fleet would be victorious. The power of the Turks on the sea was broken once and for all. It is said that the Holy Father knew in some miraculous fashion of the victory, on the very same day that it occurred and gave thanks to our lady Queen of the Rosary. That is why we celebrate the feast of the Holy Rosary on October the 7th.

(extract from “The Story of the Church” by Reverend George Johnson)

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