Monday, November 02, 2009

Thy will be done

I came across this site today in my wanderings and in particular this essay. These quotes I am meditating on.

"I believe it is very easy to build God in your own image and very hard to rebuild Him when you crumble.

This I know: I believe in the Lord’s Prayer, all of it, but particularly where it says, “Thy will be done.” For me, that’s one clear channel to God. That one belief, “Thy will be done,” carries me through each act of each day. It teaches me to live with all that is given me and to live without what is taken away. It rescues me from the idea that happiness for myself is either important or desirable. But it doesn’t at all destroy happiness as a gift I can give, miraculously, from an empty vessel.

I noticed something: you may notice something quite wonderful in most everybody you meet, even in those who annoy you or frighten you. But each, in his way, is truth–neither to be rejected nor run from. If you believe “Thy will be done,” there is less temptation to run away from yourself. You can’t escape, anyway."


Anonymous said...

"Thy will be done" is such an important part of a Christian's life, as you have to die to self and realise that what I want is not important - it's what God wants for and from us that is.

Have a wonderful week.

P.S. Wonderful food for thought

Aliadelaide said...

Amen Jillian!