Friday, June 04, 2010

Down the stream the swans all glide

We have been reading several books together in our homeschooling. Usually we have a family type book going together. examples of these in the past have included"the Mitchells" by Hilda van Stockum,Llittle Britches" by Ralph Moody, "The Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Currently I am noting how soon we will be done with readalouds, plus it is winter and a great time for sitting close by the heater; and so we have added other groups of readalouds.
We started a nature readaloud section straight after Bible and breakfast. And we introduced this time with an old favorite: "Miss Hickory". Our next book combined Australian studies with Nature study in "Spotty the Bower Bird".
We have had two books by James Pollard for quite a while just sitting on our
shelves. They didn't look particularly inspiring, so imagine our delight when we started
reading this one to discover it is set in our own city and takes place on our very own river!
What I like about this book is that opens up a zillion more rabbit trails as it quotes
/references artists/poets/other places in Australia.
Here is a quote from the book:' what a thrill had Cheno as he felt the waters
lip away below him and knew himself riding the wind! For a moment or two he shook, and he swayed in the air. But he flew harder. And he found that he could depend on his wings. He steadied himself and began to enjoy the swift movement of the air,lifting away from the earth into sky. The river and the trees and the city glided beneath him as a world of shadow and twinkling lights....."
Finally if anyone has any information on James Pollard it would be great to hear !

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