Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palm Sunday preparation and the making of a tomb

 We Toby put up our Palm Sunday display on the altar this year.
You've surely got to pity the poor donkey with our wooden figure to carry but we couldn't find a larger one.

Then both boys worked to make our Easter tomb. To make it you need a clay flower pot which you lay on its side inside a larger clay dish. Then you surround the pot with gravel and stones and make 3 small crosses. We tacked the crosses on with blue tac until we had made our earth. This involves a large supply of dirt and a bucket of water. Gradually" introduce" the water to the dirt until you have a nice thick porridge mixture.
 Then throw put the mixture all over your brother the flowerpot and shape it to resemble a hill. Finally sprinkle wheat all over your hill. Give it a good spray with water and that's it. All the fun is done and now we wait patiently for the transformation to begin. This is oldish wheat so we are unsure how well it will sprout. Ah well there might be a lesson in that too.

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