Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Science Mystery to solve

We have been using  a science activity that we discovered on a wonderful blog. The series is set inside a mystery

" Our mystery begins with a wealthy man, Mr. Busy Body, who has planned a small dinner party, but when the guests arrive both the host and one of his prized possessions, a valuable painting, are missing, and a ransom note was found, asking for a handsome sum for the return of Mr. Body and his painting. You have been asked to help out in the investigation of this case by analyzing the scientific evidence. You are given a folder from the police and it includes a statement from the officers who responded to the initial call, and statements from each of the suspects who were found at Mr. Busy Body's residence."    


If you like playing "cluedo", solving mysteries etc you are going to love this series. I highly recommend it. Here are some photos of parts of our weeks lessons.
 I should add that I love this homeschool blog so much I have added a link to my side-bar. Scroll over and check it out. This family do some really exciting stuff. My kids would happily go to their homeschool; even if it would mean moving to another country.

I am really enjoying their posts on history but also intend to delve more closely into the science section; particularly as we are studying chemistry in our co-op at present.

Then there's the maths section and arts and lanuage arts etc etc  and some links to other blogs and sites with good ideas.

Thank you family at All things Beautiful you are a beautifully inspiring homeschool!

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Phyllis said...

I appreciate all your kind words about our homeschool, but I am even more honored that you have enjoyed the activities. :) We do like to have fun while we are learning!