Sunday, July 31, 2011

At the park

We had a great day at our local zoological park. We last visited in summer. A very protective dad and his young offspring greeted us first. then we made our way to the rock wallaby enclosure.

They are shy little creatures but their enclosure gives them plenty of space to avoid the most dangerous species on earth(us!)

Next we walked to the chimpanzee exhibit.

From here we decided to walk to the waterhole as it was such a beautiful day. We quickly took a picture of this bird and spotted a sleepy lizard who quickly ran for cover (well bearing in mind how quickly said named species can move!)

At the waterhole we discovered some colorful seeds,  had a rest and enjoyed watching a variety of animals.

The giraffe exhibit was good for measuring our height in giraffe measurements plus we thought this nest was pretty cool!

After lunch during which dad and his offspring were observed plus a few cheeky magpies

wanting to share some of our lunch we went on a bus tour and watched bison, cheetah.Mongolian horses, painted dogs and lions to name but a few.

Finally as we left the park this little mystery bird was spotted. Any ideas as to what variety of parrot?

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