Friday, November 04, 2011

At the Food Forest

We had a great time at our local organic farm. Because the farm is "on the plains" it was a rather warm afternoon! Amazing though to still see everything green and lush.
The boys enjoyed a chance to sample some dried fruits and crack a few nuts!

 Viewing some of the more unusual plants was next on the list, including a palm that looks like a banana palm but grows potato like tubers underneath the ground that would make a good source of carbohydrates according to the owner. They have yet to be harvested!

As the farm is situated by the Gawler River, a walk to view it was organised.

The farmer commented how unusual it was to see it still flowing at this time of year. Native plants were in flower.

We spotted geese and gosslings, but this time no bettongs!

It was delightfully cool inside the straw bale constructed buildings(query: is this a cheap form of construction compared with regular forms?)

Finally the house was home to an assortment of large spiders and I couldn't resist taking this photo of wasp nests!


anna said...

What a gorgeous excursion and fabulous pics too!

Aliadelaide said...

Thank you for your comment anna,it was a lovely day!