Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Populus and things popular!

Just a nice connection today in our learning, where two subject areas blended nicely together! Still working on our greek and latin root cards. Yesterday this was the new one and today using our calender of modern art(taking a different artist each month), we started a mini study on Andy Warhol

 We began by looking at some images I had downloaded from the internet plus of course those on our calender. Next we read Uncle Andy. This is a terrific book, highly recommend it, Its funny and warm and better still its written by a family member.(namely Warhol's nephew!)We were very lucky to find it at our library.
 L(10) said he would just love a front yard like this: its just so cool mum, why can't our yard look like this.
The boys have started a project of their own warhol, style.

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