Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13th Our Lady of Fatima

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. As part of our May studies, we have been reading "The Beautiful Story" The children coloured pictures of Our Lady appearing to the three children beside which they wrote or copybooked: Are you willing to offer yourself to God and bear all the sufferings He will send you to make amends for the sins which hurt Him so much and as prayer for the conversion of sinners. T's picture is vibrant in colour, it almost dances off the page while L's is softly, gentle in pastels. T. has also made a shrine of Our Lady to put on the wall near his pillow. What he did was cut an arch in the front of a porridge box and then decoupage the inside with brilliantly coloured flowers . The outside has greenery and an image of a kangaroo slipped in too!! I am sure our dear Mother will smile at this. He chose a picture of Mary with the infant Jesus. Then he covered the entire thing in several coats of pva glue. So now it is durable yet light enough that a thumb-tack will suffice to put it on the wall. He plans to affix rosary beads beneath Mary. L has chosen to paint a tissue box(with one side removed) in bright poster blue. He wants to place Mary amongst ladybugs and frog stickers with the odd star tucked in for good measure because"Mary is star of the sea too you know". L said yesterday"Mum when my eyes were closed I wasn't cross you know; I was asking Jesus to keep Dad safe when he goes away again"!!
All for Jesus through Mary!

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