Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our Family Altar

This blog has taken a rest for a few months . In those times we have learned many lifeskills as a family. Coping with severe trauma in a family member, dealing with separations for indefinite time periods , being ill away from home, visits from extended family members. I thought therefore it was appropriate to post what is our focus and these photos of our family altar could not say it better. The first image shows the Lenten altar, sparsely furnished, with the cross and crown of thorns predominating. The second image was taken just a few days ago on the feast of St Athanasius. Images of the saint as homemade holy cards are in the background. Our dish of hollow decorated eggs sit to the left. The altar is clothed with our laciest cloth but what predominates is the tomb. The empty tomb. Alleluliah Christ is risen. He is Risen indeed!

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