Friday, October 06, 2006

Early October in the garden

With the camera home (!) here are some updated photos of the garden. Early in the week we had a 33C day and it’s still not officially summer; makes me wonder what our garden will look like come December!

Firstly here is the bean-sunflower house with lots of bean seedlings and some sunflower ones! Next is the potager. Please comment on how well Hannah arranged the bricks. I think she did a great job!! Things are slowly growing here.

Then here are the tubs against the new rooms. Note the ones Toby painted in the middle. They are in full sun for most of the day.

I couldn’t resist posting the cinerarias before they reach the end of their flowering. I remember in New Zealand how these grew as perennials and practically as weeds too! Lastly a peek through dappled shade at the washing on our hottish day.

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