Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct. 2, 2006 - More on gardening

Oct. 2, 2006 - More on gardening

Clive and I went on a gardening expedition yesterday and we found borage!! I am so excited with all the herbs in our potager. We have chocolate mint, apple mint and mint julep growing in the shade.we have several kinds of basil(including a liquorice variety), oreganum and marjoram. Parsley, tarragon, tansy and lemon balm are dotted around. And I still have the lemon verbena to plant. The garden now boasts two rows of baby carrots, a number of bush tomatoes, silverbeet, lettuce and capcicum. French marigolds edge the sunniest end and there are blue salvia in the shade. I hope its not too overcrowded but to begin with this intensive planting should help to keep down the weeds.mind you I like weeds sometimes...we got several mysterious bracica seedlings in our sweetpeas a while back. I just left them to bloom and their delicate grey-green leaf and yellow flowers seem to blend in well with all else that is growing around them.

When Caleb gets back from Tasmania I will add photos of the garden. I asked him :"is it as cold as New Zealand"


"does it look a bit like New Zealand bush where you are"

"a bit... if you can imagine New Zealand bush but australian trees"

"is it green and beautiful"

"oh yes, definately!!" I've cautioned him to take lots and lots of photos!

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