Monday, October 27, 2008


I love nasturtiums! As a little girl I remember climbing over a rickety fence to play in a vacant block. A winter storm had brought a large tree down and the field was waist high in weeds. Of course to grown-ups the holes in the ground were rabbit holes or worse openings to rat nests...but we knew better! These tiny holes , were we small enough to go through them ,would lead us into all sorts of Alice-in -wonderland adventures! 
Unfortunately unlike Alice we had no magic elixir to induce shrinking and so we had to make do with our above ground "fairy land". The fallen tree became on different days, a castle, a fort and in spring-time most magical of all a rocket to our very own planet! For then the nasturtiums bloomed extravagantly and the leaves looked so alien-like it wasn't  hard to make-believe!

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Mary said...

Between you and me I am glad you didn't have any of that special elixir ;)Nice post Alison. Good to see you back blogging.