Thursday, October 30, 2008

A surprise recipie

I had a really nice morning. Even though I slept in until 6.20 daughter had already started the boys’ porridge. The boys completed their bookwork just before lunch and husband cooked himself and I a delicious assortment of vegetables plus soup for our mid-day meal.

The boys clamored to do something in the afternoon so husband took them to an adventure playground “near” by.
So after a short spell responding to e-mails I decided to make some rissoles for the children for tea. The recipe said it had a very short preparation time, sounded yummy and with visions of delicious smells wafting out to greet the noses of tired home comers I began.

I happily added all the ingredients just as the recipe said so that I could roll it into “walnut-size” balls but several cup full of flour later the messy mixture would not bind. I went to town adding more breadcrumbs more flour and still was left with a sloppy ….. At last daughter hearing my frustration suggested a well-known Australian breakfast cereal crumbled. After half a packet (I kid you not!) the mixture was beginning to look do-able. So quickly before it decided to change back into ?!@ I made them up and popped them on trays to cook.

No one was exactly enthused with the resultant meal, the two youngest filling up on mashed potato and greens and drowning the rissoles in a pool of tomato sauce. Oldest son queried” what exactly were those things we had for tea…they were pretty solid…did you add concrete?” no dear son not literally, although as every mother who has had to clean it off high-chairs and out of toddlers hair it sets pretty much the same way!

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Mary said...

Oh me, Oh my - just think of all that fibre they had;)