Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The beauty of the gums

I love this time of year for the beauty of the gums in flower. I'm hoping that a "born-and-bred aussie" can enlighten me at to the types of gum that flowers in February and whether these particular trees will grow too tall to have in a suburban garden.


Anonymous said...

Those gum flowers are absolutely spectacular - I would be thinking that they are "Coral gums".

Have a wonderful weekend,

Anonymous said...

The first time we met your (previous) blog, and long before we knew you IRL, I was googling a particular curiculum, hit on your blog and found photos of a young gum tree we love at our local hardware store AND RECOGNISED IT!
By the way it's in flower again and this post reminds me of it.

Aliadelaide said...

coral gums,,,thanks for that jillian

I'm so glad our friendship developed beyond a "nodding acquaintance" Tracey. And there are a whole lot(of gums) flowering along a street not far from that store!
See you soon!