Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Lenten countdown

What does a fuzzy picture of chenille stick caterpillars on leaves have to do with Lent?

When their part of a "count-down" to Easter calender of course!
Thanks go to a Lenten sharing post on a blog.

I really admire people who spend time making permanent liturgical calenders out of felt and other materials but I have come to terms with the fact that I can't justify the time or the expenditure in our family at present! Plus the boys had a lot of fun making this calender and the memory of us working together is more the kind of thing I want to emphasize in their lives just now.

And a thank you to the person who posted on their blog about using votive candles for the stations. I made these with black and white pictures because they seemed more Lenten somehow!

1 comment:

Mrs.Pogle said...

I love your creativity ~ the leaves and caterpillars idea is fantastic, as are the candles :)

I hear that you had a great day with Sal, and pray that God blesses you through your meeting together.

Thinking of you, as always.
Mrs.P (AutumnRose) xx