Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And then there is LOVE

It had been a bummer of a morning.I'd woken feeling anxious,my ankle was hurting more than usual and I just didn't want to do this day!! But we moved on to breakfast (quick give me coffee!!) to homeschool (nothing remarkable)to chore time...and thats when it started to really fall apart.'He put my ?!?(I had no idea what this was)in the bin...and he can't get it out again cause he cut it into tiny little pieces""yeh well it was such a dumb wasn't going to work" I talked to them both..still isolated individuals (oh you could feel that me/myself business like a physical force)about one of our family rules We respect the rights and sensibilities of others.Then silence beautiful silence

as I congratulate myself on a job well done...and oh how good silence is. Finally in they both come...and they're together, not quite holding hands but their eyes tell the story."Look what he did for me! It wouldn't have worked how I wanted to do it,this is much better'"Yeh well'"Thanks"'its ok".

And I silently offer a prayer of thanks to You who are responsible for this resolution...and all the good resolutions that will happen from now until...

Then I glance over to my phone and there's the message I've been waiting for all morning:

I just accepted the job mum,its definite.

(out of 180 applicants he got the job!!)...........yes its true...its always been true





Mary said...

Congrats on the job - maybe a road trip later in the year would be in order (that's an invite;)).

Sara said...

Love the honesty & the song!