Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunflowers anyone!

We have moved away from van Gogh's pastoral scenes to look more closely at his sunflower paintings. We noted once again the vibrancy of colour choice Then it was the boys turn to translate what we have learned about van Goh's style/art; not literally but more I suppose as a pictorial narration.Both boys approached the task differently. For ds(8) I think it was by adding something personal relevant to him...hence the bird as our sunflower house often has birds feeding on the seeds.ds(12) wanted to experiment/try out different methods of shading,translating texture before putting it on his work.

And these are the results!
Have we finished our study of van Gogh? We think we might stay a bit longer and look at some night skys know stars and things like that!!
I am pleased with how this small focus on one artist has already got the boys looking at other artists techniques. Ds(8) found our picture books by Leo Lionni for instance and as well as re-reading them thought they might make a good art study for us. This got me thinking about the many other picture book authors,Eric Carle,Tommy de Paola, Brian Wilsmith, Margaret Tarrent to name a very few whose work might be worth viewing from this perspective. Rabbit trails.don't you love them!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful art skills, boys - well done!

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Sybille said...

Oh, beautiful! Yes I also love the artists you mentioned! You are doing such a beautiful work!