Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Landscape and art

We had a lovely day yesterday doing art with another family in a country town not far from us.

 The artist whose studio the workshop was in has an amazing nature corner which kept us occupied for some time. The workshop was on printing. the other family had been studying the art of Albrecht Durer and in particular his wood cuts. We started off by drawing some funny animals which combined features of real animals and became our fantaminals. Then we moved onto mono printing and tried out various methods. Finally the boys attempted their first lino cut/print. I can easily see this skill being used in advent in making our homemade christmas cards! after the workshop we had lunch down by the river and then went for a walk beside it.

We discovered the mural the our teacher had made and examined it in detail.The boys enjoyed trying out various skill points along the way! And spotting the family with the largest number of ducklings.

A pleasant drive home and we arrived home weary but well satisfied with life!


Paula said...

What an awesome art studio! And what a lovely day you had.

I answered your Michael Clay Thompson question on my blog. Please, send me your address via my email, so I can send you 'Sesquipedalian' by MCT. (It was a Give Away on my blog).

Thanks for visiting my blog!

SuzyQ said...

What stunning artwork. And a wonderful opportunity for your kids!

Sybille said...

Woww! What a great art lesson, and great place to do that!

SalH said...

Wow, amazing what a fantastic day for you all!!!!!

SalH said...

Wow, amazing what a fantastic day for you all!!!!!