Monday, November 29, 2010

Making cards

Guess what has kept the boys busy today?! Christmas card making! We didn't send too many last year so we are very keen to do so this year. Youngest son in particular is hoping to get some back in return by post("for the stamps mum!")
Both progects have been a nice conclusion to some of our art studies this year. In the first we were able to review our look at Mondrian and other modern art that emphasizes line and colour.
The second progect almost didn't work until we figured out we needed printers ink(a touch expensive!). But then it sparked a real enthusiasm with older son who thought that lino cutting/printing might be an interest he would want to go back to after Christmas.

as an aside we discovered that dandelion juice and other green vegetation is great at ridding fingers of black stains. How did we discover this? Well another feature of today was a worthwhile hour spent in the garden "discovering" a multitude of green goodies for our hens!!

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