Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventures of the Treasure Fleet

 As part of our China study we have discovered this wonderful resource. A long picture book this also ties in well with our study of the middle ages. With the older kids when we studied this time period we mostly stayed in Europe, so I am excited to discover an extension to our studies through this book.
The way the book is set out it tells a narrative on the main part of each page with a more historical account placed underneath in different type. We are reading through this book slowly as we want to savor it.


"Beginning in 1405, Admiral Zheng He led more than 300 gigantic, brightly painted ships across the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and all the way to the distant coast of Africa. The admiral and his crew battled pirates and raging storms, and were amazed by the people and ways of life in distant lands.

They befriended kings, charted unknown oceans and were awestruck by Africa's exotic animals. At each port, China's best porcelains and silks were traded for pearls, precious stones, herbs and medicines. They brought treasures as well as dignitaries of faraway lands to pay tribute to China's powerful emperor, Zhu Di.

Filled with historical facts, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings a fantastic piece of history to life. Gracefully told and beautifully illustrated, the story's fast pace will keep young ones captivated while offering enough information to satisfy curious readers of all ages."(

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