Sunday, February 20, 2011

For Cecilia

"Cecilia died as she lived;
on her own terms,
with confidence,
Surrounded by her family and friends." She was only 16.
As my oldest daughter said:I only met Cecilia a handful of times, but I couldn’t help but be affected by her enthusiasm and personality. Before I met her I knew she was ill and perhaps I was expecting it to be obvious. The day I helped her with her maths I completely forgot about her illness though, she was just an ordinary girl who would have rather been doing something other than learning maths, but surprised me by absorbing a lot of what I was saying while at the same time talking non-stop about completely unrelated subjects. Seeing someone so young dealing with her condition the way she did made me want to do better.

We will always be better for having known you Cecilia. This has been a hard goodbye but we are greatful that now "over the rainbow" your dreams really have come true!


Marina said...

Too true - she was a sparkling personality!

Mum2eight said...

Beautiful post Ali. We only meet Cecilia once.

Praying for Tracey and Eloise at this time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, these are great. These are nearly all in the last year. She really did try to fit it all in.
With love, her Mum.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Many warm thoughts to you all.