Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Apostles visit us!

Well not in person. But on Sunday afternoon we were privilaged to be visited by two mysterious birds.

Youngest son spotted them first through his bedroom window and was allerted by the srange noise they were making.I quickly dismissed them as starlings or blackbirds only to be assured that a more thorough investrigation would negate both these assumptions.

Two older brothers were called in plus our bird book but it was my daughter plus google that settled the matter. They were apostle birds, so named for their characteristic of flying in large flocks or groupings.

These two appeared to have had their wings clipped and we were concerned they may have escaped from a cage perhaps having been hand-reared. However no ammount of attempts to catch them bu us or some of our neighbours was successful so finally we had to thank them for sharing some time with us and leave them to continue their journey!

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