Wednesday, October 05, 2011


We had a great morning yesterday helping our kids violin teacher raise funds for  Guide dogs. Of course it helped that we had a real guide dog with us aka "Potter"
we were divided into three groups and went off to different sections of our local mall to busk. My 14yo was leader of one group. He had organized a repertoire of songs to play, mostly at book 1 level because that was the level most in his group were at.In the beginning no one was super keen all refused to play a solo but after warming up nearly everyone did.

After 30 mins we all came together for two special group pieces.
Then it was back to our groups again to play. Of course I am not exactly unbiased(11) but I think the kids really looked like they enjoyed playing together. It was a good lesson in improvising and "just keep on playing" when you stuff up. It was also exciting to see how the second in our group took over so expertly as leader when oldest son's D string came loose.

The children and parents are all keen to do it again. Now to persuade their teacher!


Vicky said...

I'm so impressed by your children's activities! And such a worthy cause to link their talents to - I'm enjoying reading your posts:)

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks Vicky
I am off to a tutoring job but when i come back I really want to check out your blog....and music especially for the oldest of these two has been quite a journey!