Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the zoo

I don't think we can ever tire of going to our local zoo. Its not that its incredibly large or that it has some incredible exhibitions but more I think that because we are members we can drop in regularly and each visit creates a stronger bond with the animals that live there. today we only had an hour to spend.

We were keen to check up on the baby white-faced gibbon and note its development. We know it is femle and are keenly waiting for its colour to darken before it returns once more to the golden hue of its mother.

 No evidence of this today, but we did observe how actively the youngster was engaging with both its parents; that it was frequently the instigator of such engagements and that the parents both often had to curtail these engagements when they needed some "time out" from the youngsters energy. All very amusing!

On previous visits we had made the acquaintance of Boris the black cockatoo.


We were delighted to renew our friendship with him. Boris was being very canny today and was particularly keen to make friends with the people closest to the exit!

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