Saturday, April 28, 2012

At the Japanese garden

Youngest son wanted to take his brother on a tour of our local Japanese garden.

 From the outside ds(14) was not overly impressed. "It's such a small space I can't imagine it can be all that great." he said before we entered.

And "It's amazing how different it is inside. You get a sense of space and calm. Like every bit of it is used but its used to effect so that you feel while you are walking through it that you are in a much larger area and that it just goes on and on." he said as we were leaving.

We all marveled at how the rows of sand were raked and what persistance of patience must go into preparing the sea of sand.
We noted some unusually growing trees, were they clipped or do they just grow this way.

We saw how lines and curves were repeated purposefully.

 So the curve on a bridge is repeated beneath it in the curve of the water and in the distance in the grey/green curve of a conifer. Perspectives were important as was texture and colour.

Altogether it was only thirty minutes but thirty minutes spent in purposeful peace.


Tiger's Mum said...

What a gorgeous place! You're so lucky to be able to access such a peaceful garden. I like how you do art as well, and have do so much of it over years. :-)

Aliadelaide said...

Thank you ;It is a lovely place and so wonderfully peaceful even though its in the middle of a city! I love that. Thanks for checking out our art projects. Hey I just went to your blog again(am sure I've been before!) and think you have some great ideas too. That's what is positive about this whole internet-blog thing as homeschoolers we can encourage each other and continue to learn along side our kids.thanks once again for the comment!