Sunday, August 09, 2009

the Place of Lions

Continuing with more "too good to miss" quotes from our current readaloud.
Mount Kilimanjaro:
"The mountain seemed to take up the whole north-east horizon.
At the nearer end the foothills rose out of the plain, gently first, then in great thrusting folds higher and higher until suddenly, out of the folds erupted the huge sculpted dome of snow and ice. Rearing massive and blinding in the morning sun, brilliant against the pale blue sky, the eternal snows of Kilimanjaro glinted and winked fire. A long long saddle high and barren drew the eyes eastwards until they rested on a harsh outbreak of vicious tooth like peaks of brown rock, snow-speckled. A frightening place of towering pinnacles, sharp points and precipices, vertiginous,aweinspiring,dangerous.'

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