Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Signs and wonders!

We had a "grand time" at the tram and trolley bus museum yesterday!The weather was superb for a homeschool excursion. And thanks to our two hosts we came away with a large amount of information, concerning this part of Adelaide's history. I couldn't help getting some shots of the rather interesting notices in the trams...and may yet find a use for some of them at home!!

Before setting out on a tram trip one needs to ascertain whether it is carrying passengers!

As we discovered sometimes tram journeys could be rather windy! But the seats were certainly interesting!

We learned a lot and put we learned into practice in a real tram trip!

And this is what we saw on our journey...fields of OXALIS!

Tram employees must:.... And what do you think of this trolley bus, care for a ride?!

Lastly here are some photos of pictures and signs historical plus a very happy young man of learning!

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