Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place of Lions

"The pride had hunted that morning. Prey was plentiful now. The wildebeest were migrating and long skeins of them filled the skylines, a million gargoyle shapes on a strange pilgrimage to nowhere."
"Somewhere below the cubs were playing. He could hear their mock hunting snarls and the soft growls of encouragement from the lionesses. They were learning to hunt for themselves. Already the lionesses had taught them enough to survive. They were almost fully grown and deep inside of him the old lion's instincts were giving him unease."
"For the briefest moment their eyes met. As the split-second click of a camera shutter captures and freezes a nick of time, so a picture flashed from eye to eye. Momentarily, two vastly different creatures, each storm-driven, harried in his separate circumstances, touched minds as they read the eyes of the other."

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