Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

I dear say we would have done it anyway.Why? Well, firstly there's the smells more like Christmas to us.

Then there's the fact that (in theory) its easier to put up(no more does this piece go with this branch or loosing part of the main trunk(we speak from experience!).We like that we get to choose it anew each year(oh the choices, the deciding, the "why can't we take them all".!!)

Our ornaments seem to fit better on it too.(a tip here: first attach the tinsel).

Of course we do have rather a lot of ornaments and homemade decorations which we(or should I say "I") can't bare to part with.

Ah but the delight when its completed, the joy of a job well done.Well lets just say that having looked at it for a couple of days and examined all the decorations placed on it so lovingly dear daughter and i felt it needed just a little bit of tweaking to achieve the desired effect.

And the boys reaction to this? Well I think this photo of our dogs kind of sums it up rather well!!


Anonymous said...

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, isn't it?

Thank you for sharing about your Christmas tree - we only ever had one REAL Christmas tree, and I spent all that Christmas in hospital. :(

Have a great week,

Aliadelaide said...

Oh Jillian, Christmas in hospital! I hope you got lots of visitors