Monday, December 14, 2009

St Lucy

Our St Lucy celebration has been an important part of our Advent worship for many years now. We start with a procession walking from room to room and asking God’s blessing on the use this room is put to and on the people that come into it.
As we process we sing our Advent hymns. Now we are not all enthusiastic in “making a joyful noise” before the Lord so I solved that this year by playing recorded music as we walked.
Of course we have talked about the wisdom of Holy Mother Church in having this saint’s memorial in Advent.(Lucy means light and St Lucy is the little light that points, as all holy men and women through the ages have ever done ,to Christ who is the Light of the World)
Advent is a time of looking forward, looking towards the future and St Lucy ‘s little light gently leads us on to discover anew that babe born in the manger.
Of course all this has been said before and will be repeated again but that is the beauty of our Advent liturgy, ever old but always newly brought to our hearts, to speak afresh , to awaken our spirits in anticipation and longing for Christ’s coming.


Helen said...

.... wishing you and your precious family the happiest of holiday seasons.......

Aliadelaide said...

thank you Helen and may you also be truely Blessed this special season!

Sybille said...

Merry Christmas!