Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Para Wira in the wet

It started as a greyish day, cool but not raining. We were the only family there but keen to get to our patch and see what had happened since last month.

We pulled out some olives, a couple of which were taken home to transplant

Bridal Creeper we discovered grows prolifically under large gums. We had fun pulling out all that we could see and bagging it to dispose of at home.
We stopped to have an early lunch before the rain set in. We ran for cover and spent a good portion of our remaining time there playing cards, do you dislike the card game Mao or are you a fan?Our day finished with a brisk walk around the lake.Yes we got wet and yes the car smelt pungently of red mud but what is a raining autumn day for if not to get wet!

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