Friday, June 29, 2012

a sunny afternoon and a cool evening

After a quick bus trip into Dunedin we spent a very pleasant afternoon with Mel.Although it was very cold(but we had brought our thermals with us!), the afternoon sun shone on the time we shared together.                                            

Of course I might be slightly biased but don't I have such a beautiful, clever  daughter. The scarf she is wearing is one she knitted and I am also sharing in this post some wonderful knits she has made for the children of friends of hers.

 The picture below would have to be one of my favorites of our time in Dunedin!


In the evening we took the last pictures with my phone as the camera was once again playing up. The frost from the morning was still attached to blades of grass and the ice covering all the puddles was, you guessed it, still visible!

I like Dunedin . It reminds me of a smaller  Wellington

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