Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christchurch to Dunedin

We arrived in Christchurch at 5am local time, having left Melbourne at 1/4 to midnight! Spent an hour at a very quiet airport before taking a taxi to the bus depot(which turned out to be a small temporary building.  Driving from the airport in to Christchurch we saw evidence of devastation. Many larger buildings (such as churches) had steel scaffolding supporting the and there were private residences half-demolished or boarded up and vacant. After a while L. declined to look out of the window.It was a cold grey morning.

The top picture is the only one I could take with my camera of an amazing bus journey.The next three pictures I found on the internet but they demonstrate the amazing scenery we saw.For most of the journey the southern alps, with their white snowy hats were in view.The land between them and us was fairly flat farming land so we were able to get a good view of them.

We were on a standard intercity bus(think really cheap rates) but the driver managed to give us a running commentary of most places we passed through

The picture above shows Oamaru which is known for its distinctive limestone buildings.Because I am a New Zealander and because I think the land of my birth has some spectacular scenery I hope you won't be offended if I don't describe Oamaru as a pretty place(big hint). However in an op shop just beside where we stopped for lunch I found a book I have been looking for to give to a new mum( a golden book called "The Boy with a Drum") 
More beautiful scenery and we arrived in Dunedin shortly after 1pm. We took a taxi out to Ashburne and met Mel.L. was so impressed that first day to see snow. And that explains the final picture.Now you may say where is the snow in the picture(please note small white dots..smaller ones did not show up in photo)but it is I discovered extremely hard to photograph falling snow; far better to capture the memory ie enjoy the moment!

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