Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Lenten Journey Day Three

Here is the next virtue we studied.When Lent is complete the boys will keep their meditations in their holy card album.I'm hoping this will emphasize that we are not individual Christians but part of the Church as are these ones who have walked the path before us. We were never intended to walk alone.

                                                 Today ask St Therese of Liseux to pray

                                              to our Lord to give you the strength

                                                 and enthusiasm to grow in your faith.

                                            If you are bored or lonely or sad today

                                                   begin by thanking God for this.

                                          Next ask him to show you where

                                                    you can use yourself in giving to others.

                                            Perhaps there is an extra chore you

                                                  can do, maybe it is a kind word, and

                                              then it could be as simple as giving

                                                         someone the gift of your smile.

                                              Remember to thank God for your

                                                         feeling because it helped you to

                                              think outside yourself.

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Mary said...

I forgot to turn my alarm off last night. So, at 6 am I was wide awake on a Saturday morning. Rather than grumble (option 1) I decided to get up and see what the sky was up to. There was a pinky kind of glow trying to wake everything up. Peaceful, fresh -beckoning me to give thanks.There is that magical stillness just before the day begins. A good time to reflect and be thankful.

I rather like that kitchen scene - it is doable!