Saturday, February 14, 2009

A point of View

I found this u-tube on this blog. I found it very moving to hear this from the father's view-point. Can we ever say too much about abortion and the pain it inflicts? Are there times when we can actually make people 'tune off' to all the suffering.These are open ended questions, feel free to comment. In the mean time listen to the music.(Note: you will have to pause the side-bar music first!)


Mary said...

Hmmm? This is a difficult one - certainly pulls the hearts strings - but - I don't know? I'll consider it some more and get back to you on it. There is a lot of attention on abortion at the moment. Did you go to Aussie Therese's site and watch the You tube attachment of a 12 year old girl giving a class talk on abortion?

Aliadelaide said...

Knew I could count on you Mary for some considered thought. No I haven't checked Therese's post, will get back to the computer after this "water the garden break"!It's 6pm and I'm off to give my roses a drink!!

Aussie Therese said...

I have seen this one before.

We keep on telling our older boys that a women can go and kill her child even if the father doesn't want her to. We try and stress to them that in reality if they are promiscuous they could be putting their child in danger of being killed.

RD said...

I 'know' that people turn off when you talk about abortion, because I have experienced people turn off when I talk, or they basically change the subject or tell me to stop talking about it.

It's usually because they are involved or have been involved, and haven't yet faced up to the truth of it all.
Or they don't understand properly, and are brainwashed with the whole...its not a child, what about the woman's choice, etc...

That video was sad...but good that he is sorry for what he has done.
It shows how the father's hurt too.