Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and Hugo said you go and all that stuff!

Been looking at jingles with ds's in english/poetry and I just "chanced to find" one of my most memorable ones from my youth to share with boys,maybe the older kids remember their mad mother singing parts of it too?
Also found it on this great site which is well worth a look into a rabbit trail on advertising!
and here are the words(cause you really wanted them,you know you did!!):
the cows and the sheep and the birds and the horses were mooing and baaing and whistling nd neighing having lunch in the sun while Hugo and I were having none in the back seat we sat getting thinner. The rumblings cried give us Kentucky Fried time for dinner. Then dad stopped the car and Hugo said you go and I said no you go and soon he was back with the pack and then Dad hit the track so we ate in the back feeling better inside, a drive isn't funny with an empty tummy thank goodness for Kentucky fried

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pebblekeeper said...

Thank Goodness For KFC! We don't have one in this town, but now, at 8 :30 in the morning . . . I'm cravin'. :)