Saturday, September 04, 2010

What to do on a wet Saturday!

a nature walk on a wet winter's day has the possibility of turning into quite an adventure!

the trees had become part of the river, and the river was moving fast!

First I took this picture then the one below it. The order is very significant!!

The next one could be titled : picture study:"now children in the picture below do you think the images on the ground are an important part of the story"!?

We couldn't find the bridge "not anywhere there"!

Don't worry we were all safely on the home side of the river.We walked along towards the "tractor park" until we came to this slight obstacle!

there was little to be seen of "cormorant point"

and finally we had to take a small detour to avoid this result of the stormy weather on our way home!

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Konrad said...

Wow, thats intense!