Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At the zoo

We decided to visit the zoo again these holidays. Because we are zoo members we can visit any time and the boys generally prefer to go in non-holiday time. however they were both very keen to introduce Grandma to the pandas. We all have our favorite spots in the zoo.

The baby more hens had a great time playing on the lily pads but were a bit anxious that mum might forget them!

One that we all agree on is the Australian rain forest exhibit. It is a cool place to be on hot days and a peaceful environment whenever you visit.

We were fortunate to meet a zoo volunteer when we stopped at the flamingo exhibit. She told us that both flamingos(the oldest exhibits in the zoo) are blind.One is almost as old as Grandma and believed to be one of the oldest in the world.Because of modern-day importation laws, the birds cannot be replaced.

The pandas put on a good performance for us and we didn't have to queue too long to see them.
 And then we were off to the Children's Zoo. To "talk" to Claude and pat some of his mates.

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