Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at the park

I recently found this letter I wrote to Connie Foss of “Good Life and Literature” which was published in volume 2 of the winter edition for 1999. It was interesting to look back on….from so many years ago; this is as extract from it.

“…there’s a general tidy-up and we pack for our annual picnic in botanic Park. 

This is a family tradition and although we have shared it with others, some of our best times have been when we’ve been there ‘on our own’. 

 Mind you we share the park with many other families….and sometimes after our meal we take a stroll amongst the gardens.
For lunch we carry a variety of ‘cool’ food: cold roast chicken, sliced ham, wedges of home-made pizza, spicy paprika potatoes, and a leafy green salad. Also we take special fruit that we don’t have at other times; dark red juicy cherries, 


green luscious grapes, nectarines(my favorite), apricots, plums and watermelon!
We bring sports equipment or games to play and all happily take part(even mum!)”

This year we took our celebration to the hills. The sun shone brightly...but not too hot and the flowers we strolled amongst afterward were delightful

There were times to ponder and reflect rest after a rich meal.

another day to add to our scrapbook of memories.

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