Wednesday, December 01, 2010

O Night Divine

Every year since we have been attending our parish, part of our Advent traditions is the Christmas Carol Service our choir hosts. This year we wondered. The service was very early in December, did we feel ready for it? But two boys had offered to serve so off most of us went. We were not disappointed.Firstly two of our favourite priests lead the celebration , one who is  now 82 lead us into the church a few years ago and the other quite a number of years younger (shall we say  couple of generations!) is like us, a convert to Catholicsm and one of its strongest supporter.
The music was as always superb. We started with Advent hymns including one of my favourites by Eleanor Farjeon and moved through to ones of a more Christmas feel, including Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day,Noel Nouvelet, But the most memorable carol(see title of post) came right near the end. It started as a solo, a "mature voice", a little hesitant and we all journeyed with her as we wondered is she going to get there, can it be done. While at the same time we marveled as each second built on the preceeding as we realized we were truely witnessing something amazingly powerful, fantastical in its strength of message.While the number of those attending was not large I doubt any will forget and we are hopeful for an equally magical Midnight Mass on Christmas .

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